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We Have You Covered

Choosing the right painting contractor for your project can be a frightening assignment. Trusting someone at their word could lead to disaster. We’ve comprised seven important elements of our company that severely lower your risk as a customer and allow us to succeed year after year.


We are licensed by the Michigan Residential Builders’ and M&A Contractors’ Board. (License #2101162047) Check for yourself. https://lara.michigan.gov/


All our employees are covered under Workman's Comp insurance and we maintain $750,000 of liability insurance against property.​

no money down
No Money Down

We do not accept a down payment on any project that we are contracted to perform. We eliminate the risk up front to assure youthe quality we promise.


We stand behind 20+ years of exceptional experience, reputation and image. Our employees are vastly experienced and knowledgeable painters.


The owner provides his personal cell phone and makes himself available virtually anytime to discuss any questions or concerns.


Upon request, we will provide as many references you would like. Referrals and repeat customers have allowed us to prosper in times of economical hardship.

detailed contract
Detailed Contract

Our estimates are specific and clear regarding the completion of your project and meeting your goals. Our primary goal is to give each and every customer a friendly, satisfying experience and have you remain our customer for years to come!

Project Details


Size: 2300 sq ft
Location : Birmingham
Project Supervisor: Cory
Finish Date: Sept 2019
Cost: $3,400.00

Our Results


Our two main goals were to preserve the texture of the brick and make sure the paint goes beneath the grade to ensure 100% coverage. Even if the rain washes some of the landscaping away.


Completing a successful painting project like this requires a simple procedure we perform on every job. It’s all about planning, preparation and follow through.