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About TM Professional Painting

Painting in your area over 20 Years

I started TM Professional Painting in 1997.

I spent 4 years working for various painters before I set out to start my own company. With little knowledge of how to operate a company and no money I dove in. I always felt compelled to try to make people extremely happy by doing the best work I knew how. 20+ years later I've gained so much knowledge, completed hundreds of house painting projects, and hired many more painters. The advent of the internet and smart phones have changed the way we do business but some things have still remained the same...

The pride I have in my painting company and the importance of delivering quality painting services to every customer who hires us is still my focus.

- Todd Miller

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We pride ourselves on never charging a down payment. You don’t pay until the job is 100% complete. We take all the risk. You have nothing to fear. Call for a FREE no-obligation quote TODAY at (734) 326-2122.


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